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Marco is a student who has just enrolled in Politecnico and, just like many others, is a bit lost inside the structure. As soon as it stands into Politecnico, he meets a weird bearded man in a brownish coat who advises him to download an application which helps him navigating around Politecnico. Marco doesn’t know what to think but eventually he decides to trust the weird bearded man in a brownish coat and downloads the application on his smartphone.

Image of the application

After the first looong and exhausting lecture, Marco felt its toll and thus he started looking for a place where he could eat. Suddenly he remembered the application he downloaded earlier and so he decided to try it out. As soon as the application started, he was asked whether he wanted to set it up or not. Since he was starving, he decided to skip the set up. A message then appeared on the screen, describing the picture beneath it: apparently, the picture represented the map of Politecnico together with some circles which highlighted unpleasant situations.

You know, in Politecnico a lot of stuff happens. For example, a little bit earlier some engineers working on a physics project about Schwarzschild wormholes (a.k.a. Einstein–Rosen bridges) successfully created one such wormhole which connected the labs to the Ice Age. For that reason a circle appeared on the map in correspondence of that region, suggesting Marco to avoid it. The wormhole then disgorged a mammuth, which started a stampede directed towards the even numbered classrooms. Marco could only hear a faint noise coming from far away, but the application reported the disturbance anyway, notifying him of the problem. Marco then started wondering whether there was something in the building which was sending informations to the app. Anyway, Marco decided to go in the opposite direction thanks to the application, despite him being an adventurer and a traveller. So, he found a quiet place where he ate his lunch.

As soon as the portal-creating engineers managed to send the mammut back to his time and closed the wormhole, the application notified Marco of the new situation in the corridor. Marco then decided to finally set up the application, which then allowed him to improve its capabilities by accessing his calendar, suggesting him places where he could study or have lunch or simply rest for a bit.

At the end of the day, he thought about what happened to him and realized that the weird bearded man in a brownish coat’s advice was an apt one. He then learned that, even though the appearance may be questionable, one should never judge an engineer from it: he may be returning from many nights spent programming smartphone applications!

True image of scientists working in the lab


Riccardo Cappuzzo (ThCp)
POLITO ID: 191436

Roberto Marturano (rmfb)
POLITO ID: 193718

Luca Mezzatesta (lukehalfhead)
POLITO ID: 193332

Current version: Venice (Alpha)

  • Congestion, noise, temperature and light level maps
  • Place finder (best places and events)
  • Accessible from smatphones, tablets and computers
  • Maps filter
  • Smart suggestions

Next Version: Acre (Betha)

  • Log-in
  • User preferences
  • Suggestions based on user preferences
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