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Your bathroom breaks will not be the same anymore!
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How many times did you go to the toilet and once there you found out it was out of service?
How long did you wait to enter because of an endless queue and you did not know that a little further on there was a nearly empty toilet?
Our goal is to help you so that this will not happen again!

Real Time Information

With WIN you will be able to check in real time whether the toilet you are going to is in service or not.

Waiting Time

With WIN you will be able to know the current or average waiting time in queue for the toilet and how many people are there.

Toilet Localization

With WIN you will be able to know if there are other toilets nearby where there are no people waiting in queue, so you can choose the best one for you.

Light Sign

A visible indicator, like a light, will inform you about the toilet status and a mobile-friendly interface will inform you about what is going on in the toilets.

Cleaning Staff

The cleaning staff can let students know when a specific restroom is not available, so that they will be able to work more smoothly.

Mobile & Laptop

Check out updated and real-time information on your smartphone or laptop.


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System Requirements

Functional and Non Functional

System Architecture

Software and Hardware

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Quick overview

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How WIN works

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Our Story

  • 5th March 2015

    A group is born

    Luca, Simon, Thomas and Vittorio found a group in order to develop an Ambient Intelligence project to make Polytechnic University of Turin smarter.

  • 19th March 2015

    Eureka: how to have an idea

    After a long-lasting brainstorming, the project idea is decided.

  • 25th March 2015

    GitHub Repository: The Great Opening

    The opening of a Github repository lays the foundation of the project.

  • 28th March 2015

    A Vision

    The project starts being shaped with a vision of what it will be.

  • 13th April 2015


    Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

  • 7th May 2015


    System Architecture (software and hardware)

  • 14th May 2015

    A window to the project

    Quick presentation of the project

  • 25th June 2015

    Have a look

    How WIN works (video)

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Our Amazing Team

We are Computer Engineering students enrolled for the Ambient Intelligence: technology and design course at Polytechnic University of Turin.

Luca Vacchetta


Simon Mezzomo


Thomas Vitale


Vittorio Vaselli