When you come to the Politecnico for a lecture, you have to find a classroom, but the Cittadella Politecnica is too huge, full of different classrooms and laboratories, and you start to turn around it, wishing to find your target. Don't worry, come on! We have a solution! PoliRoute!

PoliRoute is a smart system aimed to guide the user in the Cittadella, driving him to his destination. All this is done using an interactive system, composed of arrows made with LEDs and touchscreen on the starting point. In all the area of Cittadella, some touchscreens, which are the starting point, were be disposed. The screen indicates where the user is on a map and he can select his destination, choosing one of the classes or laboratories. The system will calculate the minimum walk and indicates which will be the color of his indications. It also indicates the distance, in order to understand how far is the destination. The system will give him a bracelet and the screen gives him the first indication to follow. On the way, he will find some intelligent LED arrows, which detect the presence of the user and lights on the arrow in the direction he has to follow. If you miss some indications, the system recalculates the minimum walk to arrive at destination and a LED arrow will show you the direction to follow. When the user arrives to the destination, the system understands it and it is ready to have one more user!

The PoliRoute touchscreens are placed in the most efficient way all around the Cittadella Politecnica, distributed fairly in different areas. In this way the user can start from every point, choosing the first screen which he sees! The system will be able to manage many users at the same time, using more arrows with different colors at every corner, each for each user.

PoliRoute will make easy to find all that you want in the Cittadella Politecnica, for professors, students and external guests, with a simple system, simple to follow and optimized to reduce the time to go from every point to another one.



The system understands when the user is close to an indication.


The system calculates the minimum walk to reach the destination.


The system lights on arrows indicating the direction to the user.


The user can select the destination, also according to his time requirements.



Sensors are used to understand when the user is close to an indication.


The system calculates the minimum walk and lights on the LED arrows in order to indicate it.


If the user misses some indications, the system adapts itself to the user, recalculating the minimum walk.


The user does not see the complexity of the system.


The system is always everywhere in Politecnico.


The system reacts to the presence of the user, giving him indications, also understanding which is the shortest walk.


About PoliRoute


Politecnico, which provides a better service, and users that can enjoy it without a map.

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Open issues

  • We want to have an help to choose an accurate sensor in order to understand when the user is close to an indication.

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Stefano Iuliano

Aniello Liguori

Claudio Poidomani

Ann Margareth Rosa Brusin

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