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The course aims at describing the field of Ambient Intelligence (AmI), outlining its multi-disciplinary nature and its technology and application areas. The evolution of consumer electronic technologies, of wireless networks, of sensors and the ability to represent and process knowledge and data on a large scale, nowadays allow the conception of intelligent environments able to handle, in an optimal way, energy-related variables, comfort, safety and user interaction. Such scenarios spur a variety of solutions, ranging from smart homes to smart buildings, from smart cities to smart transportation systems. Special emphasis, on the course, will be devoted to design-related aspects and on the overall hardware-software architectures, besides reviewing the involved technologies. This will enable the conception and realization of reusable and interoperable solutions. The course will include some seminars given by industry experts.



Writing system specifications and high-level design of an ambient intelligence system, starting from its functional and behavioral requirements. Realization of intelligent scenarios over real smart environments.



Technologies involved in the design and realization of intelligent environments, at the various architectural levels (sensors, domotic networks, wireless sensor networks, residential gateways, stream data processing, big data analysis, user interfaces). Application of user-driven design methodologies.



Students are required to engage in design and implementation of real-world intelligent environments. They are required to team-up around project ideas individually proposed and socially ranked. Teams are composed by 3 students on average, and select the project to carry-on throughout the course. Final outcomes are publicly reachable (see below for current projects).

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Video lectures are freely available on a dedicated YouTube playlist and on the teaching portal of the Politecnico di Torino.


EasyPark is a project that improves and simplifies the parking system of the Politecnico di Torino. Its main goal is to find an alternative to an everyday problem that can be tedious and annoying, involving the user. This solution will smartly decrease the traffic flow around the campus parkings, making the area more organized and avoiding people to waste time seeking for a free spot.


ItsYourTurn (YAK)

ItsYourTurn is a system that will help students and Professors to get in touch more easily and efficiently. It understands, in real time, whether the professor is in his office or not and if he is available according to his agenda and his commitments, showing it to students.



Marco Poli is a system composed by a network of sensors placed around Politecnico which send information about temperature, noise, congestion, air quality and wifi access to a server. These informations are elaborated and a thematic map is created where critical zones and places of interest are marked.


MyBikePlace (MyBP)

MyBikePlace suggests you the nearest place to you or, if you prefer, to your classroom for leaving quickly and safely your bike. MyBikePlace also helps you reach your bike if you’re forgetting it, showing where you parked it on the campus map. Moreover, if you register your arrival at the parking and someone else tries to stole your bike, MyBP avoids the theft warning you with a notification and activating an alarm at the stand.



NeverLate is a smartwatch that, as a main feature, has to notify the user when he has to head out to his next lesson. The system will calculate the right time for the notifications according to user position inside the campus, user lecture schedule (time and place), estimated time to reach the destination, obtained by collecting and processing data from all the user of NeverLate, professor notification during breaks or schedule updates, and personal user settings.


NoNoise (NoNo)

Nobody likes noisy classrooms, and it's always hard to find a quiet place to study especially if you have an exam in the next week. So why not having a system that searches for you the right place to get focused? Our project is exactly what you've been waiting for: NoNoise will help you! It detects the noise level in the classrooms, then an application suggests you the most silent places where to go. In addition, in the classrooms there is a colorful bulb that gives to the people inside a feedback about how noisy they are, so they can control their voices.


Smart Make Your Bag (SMYB)

With this device, every single student of Politecnico will be able to always have with them all the object they need, in order to spend their time at the University in the best way possible. Smart Make Your Bag will improve both the student's lectures and spare time, making their everyday life a more pleasant experience. Students will never miss a book, notes, slides of photocopies anymore.


SmartClassSchedule (ClassAID)

To make the Cittadella Politecnica more intelligent, the Class-Aid replaces an existing feature, the classrooms schedule, improving it by making it interactive, versatile, easy to use, beneficent to students and to the environment. This is done by exploiting pre-existing data to supply the students with the most up to date information about the place where they spend most of their time: the classroom.



TrackDrown has the purpose of lowering the possibilities of losing valuable items, such as wallets, bags, backpacks, laptops etc. and reducing the chances of having valuable objects stolen. The system is based on the localization of antennas (one antenna per valuable item) in the indoor spaces of the campus. A series of detectors displaced inside the campus will track the antennas’ movements, and store the collected information in a database. Whenever a suspicious movement of an antenna is detected (e.g. one antenna departs from the others), an alert is sent to the user.


Wc INfo (WIN)

How many times did you go to the toilet and once there you found out it was out of service?
How long did you wait to enter because of an endless queue and you did not know that a little further on there was a nearly empty toilet?
Our goal is to help you so that this will not happen again!


Well Cleaned (W.C.)

W.C. is an application you can run both on smart-phones and tablets, and provides a compact, fast and easy way to check the bathrooms' status, in terms of amount of trash in trash cans, amount of soap, presence (or lack) of toilet paper. It consists of a very simple map of the Politecnico, that shows where all the bathrooms are located, specifying if they are men-only, women-only or both men-women ones. Using an intuitive color system, it also indicates whether that place is in a "fine condition" or not, differentiating, in the latter case, the gravity of the situation.


Adaptive Online Radio (Polify)

Students spends a lot of time in Politecnico, and between the lessons they need to find a place to relax and feel comfortable. The aim of Polify is to improve the breaks and the meal time giving to students a new enhanced experience in the dedicated spaces near bars and canteen.

Polify will automatically play music based on the musical taste of users in the room, a radio that can adapt itself to the constant changing of the audience composition.



MyGuide is a project aimed to help the visually impaired navigate inside Politecnico di Torino Campus. Our goal is to remove barriers, create solutions and expand possibilities to help users achieve their full potential as Polito students. The highly reliable GPS system does not provide indoor positioning in Politecnico di Torino. Thus what is needed is a reliable indoor positioning and navigation system for the visually impaired to be able to maneuver around the Politecnico campus.



Poliroute is a smart system aimed to guide the user in the “Cittadella”, driving himto his destination. All this is done using an interactive system, composed of arrows made with LEDs and touchscreen on the starting point. In all the area of “Cittadella” some touchscreen were be disposed, which are the starting point. The screen indicates the users's positionon a map and he can select the destination. The system will calculate the minimum walk and will indicate the color associated to his path. In order to understand how far is the destination, it also indicates the distance. The system will give him a bracelet and the screen gives him the first indication to follow.


Study Room Manager (JJZ)

Study room manager will organize and manage in a smart way the places in the study room. An organized environment is also a more quiet environment, so a better environment to study. So the result is not just happier students, because they are efficiently using their time to study without loosing time to find a place, but also school administration since the facilities are properly used by the people who really need it.