How EasyPark system will help you:

Sending notifications directly on your smartphone every time you approach the Politecnico

Listing all the available parkings around the Politecnico

Simplifying your way of parking and saving your time


EasyPark is a project that improves and simplifies the parking system of the “Politecnico di Torino”. Its main goal is to find an alternative to an everyday problem that can be tedious and annoying, involving the user. This solution will smartly decrease the traffic flow around the campus parkings, making the area more organized and avoiding people to waste time seeking for a free spot.

People allowed to enter one of the parking lots around the campus, such as professors, researchers and staff members, can benefit from this system using their own smartphone. When one of the user approaches the Politecnico using his car, he receives on his smartphone information on the availability of parking spaces in all the campus parkings. Therefore, he freely selects where to park according to his convenience. Once the user arrives at the entrance of the chosen parking lot, the system shows him with simple directions the nearest parking spot. These directions are shown on a clearly visible screen placed there.

Besides, the user is able to customize the search of the parking spot by selecting on his device the place inside the campus where he wants his car to be closest. If he decides to set this preference, while approaching the Politecnico, the system lists the parkings starting from those closest to the previously selected area. Furthermore, with the “FindMyCar” function no matter if the user forgets where he left the car, because the system can guide him to that point once he decides to leave the parking.


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