The Project

NeverLate is a smartwatch that, as a main feature, has to notify the user when he has to head out to his next lesson.

The system will calculate the right time for the notifications according to:

  • user position inside the campus
  • user lecture schedule (time and place)
  • estimated time to reach the destination, obtained by collecting and processing data from all the users of NeverLate
  • professor notification during breaks or schedule updates (see later on to know what the system is able to do from the professor side)
  • personal user settings

Furthermore, if the user wants to know how much time he has left before he has to move, he can tap the smartwatch screen to show this information. He can also disable next notification with another double tap.Extended interface to set up and/or customize the service will be provided as a simple website.

Additional tools are available in a "professor" version of NeverLate. The professor will be also able to "ping" his students when he's planning to start the lecture (now, in 5 minutes... ) just with the smartwatch. Moreover, in the extended interface, he can also modify temporarily his lecture schedule and the system will automatically adapt students notifications according to it.

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The first working prototype of NeverLate is completed!

Both student version and professor version are ready.

In this first version the service is available just inside the campus (no outdoor localization).

For the moment just Pebble + Android 4.2 (or higher) are supported.

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Our project is complete!

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