Our Vision

It is safe to say that pretty much everybody will sooner or later forget something valuable: be that your wallet, your jacket or something else. How cool would it be if you could get accurate details on the whereabouts of each of said items? And, even better: what if your phone could tell you that you were leaving something behind before you could even realize that?

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Go Social

We decided to keep a blog regarding TrackDown, so that you may follow our progresses and have a better understanding of what TrackDown is and what are the biggest issues we are facing during the development phase. We will also try to go social: we cannot promise anything yet, but we will do our best to involve you all in the best possible way.

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cut /etc/passwd -d: -f1

Behind a great project you will always find great people. Find out more about us, what we have done, what we do, and what we dream of.

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TrackDown Video presentation

Watch our video and see with your eyes how TrackDown works! Read More ›

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