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What is it and what does it do?

W.C. is an application you can run both on smart-phones and tablets, and provides a compact, fast and easy way to check the bathrooms' status, in terms of amount of garbage in trash cans, amount of soap, presence (or lack) of toilet paper.

It consists of a very simple map of the Politecnico, that shows where all the bathrooms are located, specifying if they are men-only, women-only or both men-women ones.

Using an intuitive color system, it also indicates whether that place is in a "fine condition" or not, differentiating, in the latter case, the gravity of the situation (e.g. green: fine, yellow: not so fine, red: critical situation).
The notification system can be always enabled/disabled;

If enabled, users can specify which bathrooms they would like to be notifed about, and what time they would prefer to receive notifications.

If disabled, users won't obviously get a notification, but they can always check a particular bathroom status by tapping on its icon: this will show, using the same color pattern described before, the status of each one of the three items, and also the time when this data was last collected.

Last but not least, W.C. is capable of learning when to increase/decrease the automatic checking frequency, depending on the usage of a specific item, ensuring the best service possible.


Who is it for?

Well Cleaned will be very helpful both to students and to the members of the cleaning staff.

How many times does a student wonder if the bathroom he's waiting in line for provides toilet paper?

How many times does the student approach the sink, ready to wash his hands, only to find out there's no more soap?

W.C. can be the solution to these problems! If you tap on the icon of the bathroom you are about to go to, W.C. shows you all the info you need, so that you won’t spend half of your break time in line for nothing.

There's more: if you always go to the same two or three bathrooms, you can add your preferences on the app, so that you won't even have to waste time looking for them on the map.

Needless to say, if you'd like, you could schedule the notification system to be enabled at your breaks time, allowing you to have the whole bathroom situation under control.

Now imagine how fast and easy would it be for the members of the cleaning staff to know where their services are needed;
imagine how much comfortable would be a person going to the bathroom, knowing that the cleaning staff is using W.C.: if a bathroom was in a critical condition, it would be just a matter of minutes, then the cleaning staff (who had been notified in real time) would arrive and refill the empty containers.

So, by choosing to be notified when the situation is critical, they would be able to satisfy every student's dream: having a bathroom that doesn't have surprises, that doesn't miss anything essential.

When their shift is over, they just need to disable notifications (or maybe schedule the notification system to be disabled at a specific time, so that W.C. does it automatically), so that they can go on with their lives without even knowing such a brilliant application exists.

Our team

Federico Fallace

Federico Fallace

Computer Engineering student at Polytechnic University of Turin, 21 years old, from Naples.

Student ID: 191565

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: federicofallace

: fe.fallace@gmail.com

Alessandro Gaballo

Alessandro Gaballo

Computer Engineering student at Polytechnic University of Turin, 21 years old, from Lecce.

Student ID: 191987

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: alegaballo

: alessandrogbl@gmail.com

Christian Palmiero

Christian Palmiero

Computer Engineering student at Polytechnic University of Turin, 21 years old, from Gaeta.

Student ID: 191113

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: ChristianPalmiero

: christian.alons@gmail.com

Eugenia Spano

Eugenia Spano

Computer Engeneering student at Polytechnic University of Turin, 21 years old, from Cagliari.

Student ID: 191207

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: eugeniaspano

: eugenia.spano@gmail.com


What people think about the project

“At first look it seems complex, but for sure it will be really useful, expecially for ladies!”



“It can be really usefull for the cleaning staff that usually goes randomly to check the toilets, and also for students that in some hours of the day use toilets without essential stuff.”



“It would be very useful to have a system that alerts you whenever a toilet needs our services.”


Cleaning Staff

“I've always loved discovering innovation and integration of technology in our lives, and these kind of projects are just the ideas that can make our everyday actions easier.”



Open Issues

  1. [SOLVED] We will need to use a bathroom at the exam to simulate different situatons in order to show how our device works.

  2. [SOLVED] We should have the cleaning stuff authorisation to use and get access to toilet paper containers, soap containers, and to place there some sensors eventually.

  3. [SOLVED] How can we identify a bathroom through the sensors inside it? Is there a way to get something like a unique ID for a sensor?

  4. [SOLVED] We will need to have access to a Politecnico map.

  5. [SOLVED] We will need to define a correct amount of time in which collect periodically statistics.

  6. [SOLVED] Define a specific role for the Raspberry Pi and web app (are they computational nodes? If so, is our computational node system centralized or distributed?).

  7. [SOLVED] Notifications: who sends them and how do they work?

  8. [SOLVED] Define APIs for architecture.